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Novamont demonstrates biodegradable plastic bags in India

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Italy-based bio-polymer firm Novamont has demonstrated its eco-friendly bio-plastic bag in India that may replace polythene bag in the retail markets in the country.


The Supreme Court of India has recommended the government to take strict action on the use of plastic pouches for gutka an ban the use of plastic carry bag.


Novamont said the compostable bio-plastic bags is produced out of non-edible vegetable oils and starch unlike the traditional polythene material that is oil-based.


Novamont business development director Stefano Facco said that oil is scarce and expensive and this movement towards bio-plastic could well shift focus from oil wells to oil farms with cultivators increasingly going for vegetable oilseeds.


The biodegradable bags are water-proof, transparent and hygienic and come in varied sizes to hold domestic wet garbage of 2 kg to 5 kg and large trash of 15 kg to 20 kg.

Earthsoul Founder and CEO Perses Billimoria said that unlike polymer bags which remain in the soil and harm it in the process, the bio-plastic material is naturally compostable and does not harm the nature at all.



Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan have totally banned plastic bags in the state.



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