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ITENE develops advanced features a bottle of biodegradable materials

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Renewable raw materials have been the basis for the development and manufacture of fully biodegradable bottle.
So far, bioplastics on the market did not have acceptable properties for the packaging of liquids and beverages in bottles, due to the low thermal resistance and high permeability of the material used.

ITENE biodegradable bottle.
ITENE has developed an innovative product, -patent pending - that incorporates a matrix nanorefuerzos bioplastic, and which provides enhanced properties.

The new material is a nanocomposite (polymer from renewable sources + nanorefuerzo) based on surface-modified nanoclay material providing mechanical and thermal resistance, and reduced permeability to gases, while retaining the ability to biodegrade.


Responding to real demand
Nowadays society demands packaging made from renewable sources that meet the specifications required for the preservation of the product that will hold and that, after use, degrade, reducing waste generation.

However, the behavior of bioplastics in particular polylactic acid (PLA), one of the most used, was not optimal and so far had not gotten a material that would be competitive to current market applications, such as bottles .



The PLA is being used successfully in other applications, such as food trays which are available at any supermarket, but its use in the beverage sector was difficult due to high permeability of this material, this made the contents of the bottle permeate through the container, and produce a collapse of the walls of the bottle. Likewise, limited heat resistance, reduced use of atmospheric conditions with low ambient temperatures.

ITENE researchers have found the key to solving all these shortcomings and have obtained, through the incorporation of modified nanoclay, a bioplastic material with improved mechanical properties: stronger, less rigid and with better performance in water vapor transmission, and permeability to gases, and heat.

Several multinationals have been interested in producing a patent under the bottle made with the new material developed by ITENE.

This innovation was introduced in Düsseldorf during the last edition of Interpack, the most important fair worldwide led to the packaging industry, packaging and manufacturing equipment.

This project is financed by the Generalitat Valenciana IMPIVA and FEDER funds of the European Union.


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