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Bio-industry needs more innovation, says report

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This year's 8th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing identifies twenty one new product development areas where biomanufacturers are demading better products and more innovation.



The study evaluates and quantifies the new technology needs from over 350 global biomanufacturers across 31 countries. In addition, the report surveyed 180 suppliers to identify what is currently being developed to meet the industry's most urgent requirements. According to suppliers, innovation has never been more well funded, and broad in scope.



Interestingly the report found that European, US, and Asian biomanufacturers each have different demands for new technologies. In Western Europe demands are for better purification technologies, while in the US manufacturers want sensors and probes and Asian manufacturers want better analytical developments.



According to the reports authors budgets are growing in all areas measured, but the great majority are continuing to actively implement cost-cutting initiatives. In addition, a broad range of new products are being demanded from industry vendors to solve productivity problems, especially in single use and chromatography areas.



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