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DaniMer Scientific Presents at 2011 BioPlastek Forum

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DaniMer Scientific, a national corporation focusing on the development of sustainably produced, renewable and biodegradable resources, is presenting at the 2011 Bioplastek Forum in New York City.



DaniMer Scientific President Blake Lindsey will be part of a breakout session panel on packaging applications, discussing biopolymers and the value delivered to clients.



As part of the presentation, he will unveil the first of a complete family of hot melt adhesives based on biodegradable polymers. These bio-resin adhesives are manufactured using renewable materials rather than the petroleum derived materials that are used to make traditional hot melt adhesives. The new DaniMer adhesives are designed to operate in existing hot melt applicators including hand-guns and automatic applicators.



“It is a very exciting time in the world of bioplastics,” said Lindsey. “DaniMer is honored to be a part of such an innovative and forward-thinking group to discuss our technology and the advances we’re making in bioplastics and hot melt adhesives.”



The inaugural BioPlastek Forum on Bioplastics Today and Tomorrow, features more than 40 top-level industry, brand owner/OEM, processor, academic and government leaders, presenting analyses of where the industry is today and its future potential.



“We are constantly working to improve our technology and develop new resins to help our clients achieve their goals, while supporting global efforts to use sustainable resources,” added Lindsey. “Our biodegradable plastics offer improved product performance and can be used in a variety of applications from packaging to labels, bottles and lids.”



DaniMer Scientific believes people’s lives can be improved and the environment can be better protected by utilizing renewable resources to manufacture articles that are intended for short-term use. One of the company’s goals is to reduce dependence on petroleum, enabling people and communities to benefit from environmentally friendly products.



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