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Rennovia, Inc., a California-based startup founded in 2009, is developing advanced
chemo-catalytic processes for the conversion of renewable feedstocks to major market drop-in biobased chemicals. According to Rennovia’s CEO, Dr. Robert Wedinger, the company has successfully developed a process for its first target, adipic acid, using a proprietary chemo-catalytic conversion platform. Adipic acid is a monomer widely used in the production of nylon resins and fibers as well as an
important component of polyurethane resins and foams.

Especially noteworthy, the projected cost of production of Rennovia’s biobased adipic acid is said to be below the cash-cost of conventional petro-derived adipic acid down to $50/bbl crude oil.

Even greater economies are potentially realizable because of the ability of Rennovia to diversify from their current carbohydrate feedstock source to lower cost nonfood-based raw materials.

In a presentation to be given at the upcoming BioPlastek 2011 Forum on Bioplastics Today and Tomorrow, Dr. Wedinger will outline Rennovia’s general approach to the cost-advantaged production of renewable chemicals, and describe plans for the scale-up and commercial production of renewable adipic acid.  The BioPlastek 2011 Forum will take place on June 27-29, 2011 at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.

Rennovia’s adipic acid process technology is currently running in kg-scale pilot production, moving to commercial-demonstration scale in 2012. Dr. Wedinger attributes the rapid progress being made to the company’s high-throughput catalyst R&D platform. He maintains that because of its higher efficiency and scalability, chemo-catalysis is preferable to fermentation for many large-volume chemical manufacturing processes.

The BioPlastek 2011 Forum is being organized by Schotland Business Research, Inc. Sponsoring organizations include the Chemical Development & Marketing Association, the Product Development & Management Association, the Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive Division, and the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA).

Further program, hotel, exhibit and registration details on the BioPlastek 2011 Forum are found by visiting, the organizer’s website,




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