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NatureFlex™ Compostable Packaging Film Used for Wrapping Chocolate

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The compostable packaging film from Innovia Films, known as NatureFlexTM, has been chosen by the Alce Nero Italian consortium of organic farmers and producers in order to wrap a range of Fair Trade chocolate.



The Alce Nero consortium is a section of Alce Nero Mielizia SpA and has a collective membership of individuals which share an interest in produce innovation, regionally and environmentalism. Founded in 1978, the organisation has organically farmed right from its beginnings.



Currently, Alce Nero is responsible for representing members which specialise in farming, beekeeping and Fair Trade production. Organic food from around the globe is represented by the company, not just Italian produce.



Compostable Chocolate Packaging

Nicoletta Maffini, the companies Marketing Manager, has stated that "we decided to move from standard plastic to a biodegradable and compostable alternative to wrap our chocolate bars". She explained that the metallised NatureFlexTM was ideal for their purposes as it had environmentally friendly attributes as well as reliable barrier properties which are important to ensure the chocolate remains in excellent condition.

The chocolate bars themselves are manufactured using cocoa plants which have been grown within the heart of Central America and are owned by a network of small Fair Trade producers known as COOP Sin Fronteras. Once ready, the cocoa pods are expertly harvested for the beans to be roasted and are then passed to Chocolate Stella of Chocolate Bernrain Group, a Swiss maison chocolatier, which creates the final, delicious product.

By choosing NatureFlexTM compostable packaging, the chocolate will be packaged in a film which is certified to American ASTM D6400, European EN13432 as well as Australian AS4736 standards.



The NatureFlexTM compostable packaging film has also provided Alce Nero with certain benefits which include inherent deadfold and anti-static properties along with a resistance to grease and oil, a high gloss finish and barrier capabilities against gas, aromas and mineral oils.



Beginning life as a natural product, namely wood, NatureFlexTM was an obvious solution for the the organic producers, especially knowing that the pack will compost within weeks at the end of its life-cycle.



Giorgio Berton, Innovia Films TS&D Specialist, expressed that "our metallised NatureFlexTM film is used to good effect here by Alce Nero as it fits in with their brand image, protects the product and is compostable."



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