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Spanish company researchs the production of biodegradable plastic

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ITA The recycling company Plasticos Escanero has signed a collaboration agreement with the Aragon Technological Institute (ITA) in order to research the production of biodegradable materials in their SariƱena (Huesca) recycling facilities.

As stated by the company manager, Angel Escanero, in recent declarations to Europa Press, the aim is the extrusion of organic materials , like wood, hay, wheat straw, barley, rice and other harvest remains, so that to create new products with industrial applications.

To do so, the company will start developing polymers with natural capsulated fibers. Furthermore, the local factory in Huesca has a feasibility research agreement with the Industrial Technological Development Center (CEDET) which allows them the creation of a materials laboratory.

These agreements will allow the company to have the facilities and extrusion team needed dedicated to the research and development of biodegradables, and the initial opportunity of eight new jobs which could be increased up to 15 with the plant working at its full capacity.


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