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Econic Fresh Ground Coffee Trials

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Convex Plastics is working with coffee industry experts to verify the shelf life of fresh ground coffee packed in Econic® compostable coffee packaging.
Extensive shelf life testing began in May to compare the impact of the various Econic® packaging options and traditional paper packs on the taste and aroma of fresh ground coffee.

Teconic-trials-coffee he trials are being carried out in collaboration with a leading New Zealand supplier of fresh ground coffee, under the supervision of an internationally trained coffee master.
The trials involve carrying out regular taste, aroma and moisture level checks over several months to determine how fresh ground light roast, medium roast and dark roast coffee is affected by being packed in paper and a range of Econic® film structures. Various Econic® venting options are also being tested as part of the trial.
Convex Technical Manager Andrew Sheerin says, “The test results will verify the shelf stability of each packaging option and its predicted impact on fresh ground coffee over time. This will enable anyone wanting to move to a more sustainable pack to make an informed decision based on solid evidence as to what specific packaging option will keep their fresh ground coffee product in optimum condition and ultimately deliver the best possible coffee experience for their end users.”

Econic® coffee packaging has been specifically designed by Convex Plastics to provide the ideal sealing and barrier properties for coffee and dry foods and is available both with and without vents. It is made from three separate bio-degradable films, which are laminated together to lock in the coffee’s optimum freshness, taste and flavour. The three films are made from sustainably-produced wood pulp and corn sources and have all been internationally certified to the British Standard EN13432 for composting and biodegradability.
Andrew says, “We are always looking at ways to improve Econic® and make it easier for our customers to get the shelf life result that they want. We have succeeded in demonstrating that Econic® is a great packaging option for fresh roasted coffee beans and we are now looking to provide the same level of confidence and support for fresh ground coffee as well.”

The trial results are expected to be released in October.


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