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Italian School Fruit Packed In Compostable Film

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The NatureFlex™ compostable films marketed in New Zealand by Convex Plastics are helping to spread the healthy eating message in Italian schools.

innovia-italian-fruit-film NatureFlex™ is being used to wrap individually wrapped portions of fresh organic fruit, which are given to Italian school children aged 6-11 as part of the EU funded ‘Frutta nelle Scuole’ (School Fruit Scheme).
The transparent cellulose-based NatureFlex™ NVS film used in this application is converted and sold to packers by Italian company, CORAPACK Srl.

Corapack Sales Manager, Fabrizio Radice says, “NatureFlex™ NVS film was the ideal choice to flow wrap the fruit as it not only protects the product inside, due to its semi-permeability to moisture, but also provides good machinability and printability, ensuring a nice pack appearance. In addition the film has excellent environmental attributes such as being compostable and made from renewable resources.”
Beginning life as a natural product, wood (from managed plantations operating on good forestry principals, FSC or equivalent), NatureFlex is certified compostable in both home and industrial composting environments and is also suitable for anaerobic digestion.

Innovia Films Giorgio Berton says, “We are very happy to be involved in this project supporting our customer, Corapack, who promoted the usage of our NatureFlex™ film for the ‘Frutta nelle Scuole’ project. This scheme encourages school children to eat fresh organic fruit, which stays in premium condition due to being wrapped in NatureFlex™.”

NatureFlex™ NVS has been specifically formulated to offer improved stiffness under chill cabinet conditions and a controlled level of moisture permeability with a heat-sealable conversion-friendly coating on both sides.
Convex Plastics have incorporated two NatureFlex™ films in their Econic® compostable coffee bags and are actively evaluating a number of further applications for these films.


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