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New range of recyclable Cardia Biohybrid food packaging resins compliant with both U.S. FDA standards and EU regulations

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Cardia Bioplastics is pleased to announce that it has developed a new range of food contact packaging resin products made from Cardia Biohybrid™ technology that are fully recyclable and comply with U.S.A Code of Federal Regulations - Title 21 - Food and Drugs (FDA CFR 21) and fulfil the requirements of Europe’s Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.


The breakthrough will provide Cardia Bioplastics with an expanded market opportunity into food packaging applications. The packaging applications that have already been validated for compliance are mono- and multi-layer films, injection and blow moulding products. Every day food packaging items made from Cardia BiohybridTM technology like bags, food packaging films, containers, closures, tubs and bottles can now be offered by Cardia's customers.


Achieving European and USA food contact compliance for its packaging products is an important milestone for Cardia Bioplastics. The combination of rigid and flexible film packaging with performance, environmental profile, food contact compliance, free of genetic modification, recyclability and cost effectiveness makes Cardia BiohybridTM technology an interesting packaging offering for the global food industry.


Cardia BiohybridTM proprietary technology combines renewable thermoplastics with polyolefin material to reduce dependence on finite oil resources and to reduce carbon footprint.


About Cardia Bioplastics

Cardia Bioplastics Limited (ASX CODE: CNN) develops, manufactures and markets its patented renewable resource based materials and finished products derived from Cardia's proprietary technology for the global packaging and plastic products industries. The company holds a strong patent portfolio and its growth is fuelled by the global trend towards sustainable packaging. Established in Australia in 2002 as Biograde, the company Headquarters and Global Applications Development Centre is in Melbourne, Australia. The Product Development Centre and manufacturing plant for resins and finished goods is in Nanjing, China and soon to manufacture under a joint venture for finished goods in Malaysia. There are Cardia Bioplastics offices in the Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia, and a network of leading distributors across the Americas, Asia and Europe.  Visit

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