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DaniMer Scientific Receives Fresh Water Biodegradability Certification for ReNew Film Resins

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DaniMer Scientific’s ReNew Flexible Film Resins have received a Fresh Water Biodegradability certification from SSCCP, the Italian Pulp and Paper Research Institute located in Milano.

DaniMer’s ReNew Flexible Film Resins will biodegrade in an aqueous environment, meaning the film resins will compost in water. DaniMer’s ReNew Film Resins can be efficiently converted into disposable shopping bags, compostable bags, odor barrier packaging products and agricultural mulch film, among others.

“The certification for fresh water degradation is exciting and we are pleased to report this unique property enabled by our ReNew Film Resins. Providing environmentally friendly solutions for our customers and the world is a very rewarding accomplishment for our team,” says Scott Tuten, Senior Vice President of DaniMer Scientific.

In addition to DaniMer’s Fresh Water Biodegradability certification, DaniMer has also recently obtained an Anaerobic Digestion certification from SSCCP. DaniMer received an OK Compost certification from Vinçotte, and is finalizing a backyard composting certification from Vinçotte, known as OK Compost HOME. To view DaniMer’s OK Compost certificates, please visit:

About SSCCP:
The Institute was founded by the Italian pulp and paper industries in 1896, as a laboratory for raw materials and products quality control. On 12 September 1909 it was instituted as a government organism and on 16 September 1937 it took the denomination: Stazione Sperimentale Cellulosa, Carta e Fibre Tessili, Vegetali ed Artificiali with the task of performing: studies, applied research, analyses and training, with the target to improve the product quality and to develop innovative production systems in the paper, board and textile fibre industrial sectors.

The Institute has been recently re-organized as a Public Commercial Organisation (legislation decree n.° 540, 29 October 1999 and n° 71, 23 February 2001), with the new denomination “Stazione Sperimentale Carta, Cartoni e Paste per Carta” in Milano, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 16. The SSCCP is now entirely focused in the pulp, paper and board field.

About DaniMer Scientific:
DaniMer Scientific, an international corporation, believes people’s lives can be improved and the environment can be better protected by utilizing renewable resources to manufacture articles that are intended for short-term use. One of the company’s goals is to reduce dependence on petroleum, enabling people and communities to benefit from environmentally-friendly products. For more information about DaniMer Scientific, please visit:

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