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Teijin develops Biofront films and sheets

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Teijin Limited has developed film and sheet versions of its Biofront heat-resistant bioplastic, which already is available as fibre and resin.

In film and sheet form, Biofront exhibits high transmission properties due to its stereocomplex crystalline structure achieved with high-purity L-lactate and D-lactate polymer made from renewable plant resources.

The film and sheets can be used for a wide range of applications, including packaging and printing substrate requiring high transmission and strength; optical film requiring high transmission, low heat-shrinkage and optical isotropy (uniform properties in all directions); white reflective film and printing substrate requiring strong light scattering; transparent substrate, decorative film, insert moulding and blister packaging requiring high transparency and non-crystalline properties.

Biofront has a melting point of at least 210ÂșC, which is significantly higher than that of conventional bioplastic. It also has good hydrolytic stability and achieves semi-crystallisation in just 20-25% of the time required by conventional bioplastic, which Teijin says makes it well suited for moulded plastic, clothing and interior materials.

Biofront films and sheets were developed with support from the Innovation Promotion Program of Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).




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