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DaniMer Scientific Aids Petroleum and Oil Field Industry in Pursuit of Environmental Preservation

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Environmentally-Friendly Corporation Uses Biopolymers to Aid Oil Services

DaniMer Scientific, best known internationally for biopolymers in the plastics and resins industry, has moved into the oil field services sector through the development of a series of new biodegradable polymers that can be used in the oil and gas extraction process. DaniMer’s knowledge and expertise in the biopolymer field has made the firm sought-after manufacturer of innovative, renewable-based polymers that are designed to create value from their ability to degrade naturally.

DaniMer’s production of a biodegradable coating to shield a sand control screen is being used to preserve the screen’s ability to function as designed after it is inserted into an oil well. The natural coating fully covers and protects the screen while it is positioned in the well and then dissolved naturally as it is exposed to the elevated temperature and wet environment inside the well. The biodegradable coating’s dissolving effect leaves the filter clear and undamaged for the purpose of separating sand from oil.

“The opportunity to aid the oil field industry with the creation of a biopolymer sand control screen coating has been inventive and worthwhile. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of expanding the markets we serve in our mission to support renewable resources,” says Blake Lindsey, President of DaniMer Scientific. “This advancement has also led to our development of additional biodegradable products that can be used in shale and dense rock oil extraction methods.”

DaniMer’s biodegradable product offers oil and gas production companies and companies who are involved in the oil and gas well service industry an opportunity to more efficiently extract oil and gas from the ground in a more cost efficient manner while at the same time, assisting the industry in their continuous pursuit of reducing environmental impact.

About DaniMer Scientific:
DaniMer Scientific, an international corporation, believes people’s lives can be improved and the environment can be better protected by utilizing renewable resources to manufacture products that are intended for short life cycle use. One of the company’s goals is to aid and assist the oil petroleum industry in utilizing renewable and environmentally friendly products. For more information about DaniMer Scientific, please visit:


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