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From the 5th to the 7th of October 2011 Cesena will host the 28th Macfrut, the “International fair for the fruit and vegetables supply chain”, an annual event which brings together the most innovative technology for the production, marketing and transport of agricultural products.


Novamont S.p.A., a leader in the biodegradable plastics sector and inventor of Mater-Bi®, will have its own stand at the fair for the first time (Pavilion B, Stand 371). It will be presenting the various agricultural applications of biodegradable and compostable materials, including mulching film, pheromone dispensers, greenhouse clips and plant pots.


All agricultural materials made from Mater-Bi® have been awarded important certificates from the Vinçotte institute, such as “OK Compost” and “OK Biodegradable soil”, guaranteeing complete biodegradability in compost and in the soil without harming the environment.


During Macfrut, Novamont will also receive the first certificate guaranteeing ecological quality of the Technical Resources for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture from ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) for its mulching film in biodegradable Mater-Bi®.


ICEA has launched a specific certification scheme for the environmental performance of technical resources for organic and sustainable agriculture. The Institute’s main objective is to evaluate and reward the ability of technical resources in helping create a more sustainable agricultural system to improve the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the land, as well as to reduce external water requirements. The regulations also aim to reduce the risk of the contamination and pollution of waters and soil caused by agricultural inputs and to obtain agricultural products free from chemical residues. Icea certification is therefore intended to enhance and guarantee ecological quality requirements that go beyond the minimum requirements of current legislation; it is not intended to replace the authorisations currently required by the law.


In order to certify the agricultural mulching film made from Mater-Bi®, ICEA examined factors such as the composition and characteristics of the end product, the nature and origin of the raw materials used, the production process for the raw materials (the Mater-Bi® granule) employed by Novamont, the manufacture of the end product (Mater-Bi® film) and the end-of-life scenario.


For Mater-Bi® agricultural mulching film the Institute considered the fundamental aspects and characteristics of its application and end-of-life (considering the aspects under UNI Technical Report CEN/TR 15822 for biodegradable plastics in or on soil, and UNI standard 11183 which defines the requirements and test methods for biodegradable plastic materials at room temperature); aerobic biodegradation in the soil at the end of the crop cycle; the environmental safety of the product in terms of the release and dissemination of contaminants into the soil and eco-toxic effects in the soil after degradation.


The ICEA certificate and the applications of biodegradable materials for agriculture will be the main topics at the seminar “Biodegradable plastics for agriculture - state of the art and future prospects”, which will take place on Thursday, 6th of October 2011 in Sala Delegazioni at 9.30 am. Organised by Novamont and CSO, the seminar will involve Marco Cestaro (Manager from the Emilia Romagna Region), Luciano Trentini (Director of CSO), Marco Versari (President of Assobioplastiche), Filippo Tremonti (Director of the Agricultural Consortium of Forlì, Cesena and Rimini), Paolo Foglia (ICEA Head of Research and Development) and Maurizio Desantis (a Manager from Mipaaf).



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