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Arkema Chooses Teknor Apex as Preferred Supplier of Additive Masterbatches Based on Its Modifiers for PLA Biopolymer

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Arkema Inc. has selected the Bioplastics Division of Teknor Apex Company as a preferred supplier of masterbatches incorporating the company’s Biostrength® additives for polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymer, Teknor Apex announced today.

Arkema’s Biostrength® additives product line currently includes a clear impact modifier; an impact modifier for opaque injection molding applications; a melt strength enhancer for improving the processability of foams, films, fibers, and thin-sheet extrusion and thermoforming; and a metal release agent that reduces sticking on extrusion and molding equipment. Teknor Apex will supply masterbatches based on these additives under its Terraloy™ bioplastics brand name.

“Arkema is partnering with Teknor Apex as a way to meet the needs of customers for a reliable source of pellet masterbatches for PLA based on our Biostrength additives, which are produced in powder form,” said Peggy S. Sharp, Arkema’s business director of packaging and medical markets. “We chose Teknor Apex as a preferred supplier based on their reputation for speed and responsiveness in working with customers.”

“The masterbatches based on Arkema additives are a natural addition to our Terraloy bioplastics product portfolio, which already includes diverse compounds based on blends of bioplastic polymers, thermoplastic starch, and other additives,” said Edwin Tam, manager of new strategic initiatives. “These masterbatches improve the performance of PLA, enable them to meet more stringent requirements, and broaden their application potential.”

About Arkema:

THE SUSTAINABILITY ADDITIVES GROUP OF ARKEMA INC. offers a wide range of products to the plastics industry, including Biostrength® impact modifiers, Vikoflex® epoxidized soybean oils and various organic peroxides. The mission of the group is to help customers make more efficient use of energy and materials, develop new products that harness the capabilities of renewable resources, manage or create less waste, and extend the life of existing products.


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