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Purac to present high performance PLA bioplastic as a replacement for PS, PP and ABS in demanding applications at FAKUMA 2012

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Purac will be presenting biobased solutions for high performance Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) at Fakuma 2012, 16 - 20 October in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Fakuma 2012 is one of the most important exhibitions for the plastics processing industry worldwide, and will provide the forum for Purac to present its PURALACT® Lactide innovations. These innovations open up new possibilities for producers seeking biobased alternatives to current fossil fuel based engineering plastics.

PLA now offers the possibility to replace PS, PP and ABS in those applications where heat resistance is a key requirement. Purac's technology can increase the heat stability of PLA to the range of 80 - 180 degrees Celsius.

Purac's solutions for high performance PLA for the injection molding and thermoforming industries unlock bioplastic potential for high temperature applications, such as microwavable food packaging and hot beverage cups, and also for durable applications in a range of high end markets, such as automotive, carpet, clothing and consumer electronics and appliances. PURALACT L & D based homopolymers - known as PLLA and PDLA - are the key to this improved heat performance and are now commercially available from Purac.

At Fakuma 2012, Purac will demonstrate its capabilities by presenting thin wall, thermoformed hot beverage cups produced from PURALACT based PLA which are able to resist the high temperatures associated with hot beverages like tea or coffee.


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