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Natural biodegradable bamboo based bio composite achievement

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Zhejiang Forestry Research Institute natural biodegradable bamboo based biological composite plastic project passed through the provincial identification recently.

This project is one of the Zhejiang Provincial Key Science & Technology Projects. It is a result of cooperation between Zhejiang Forestry Research Institute and other companies in Zhejiang province.

The project development process includes bamboo powder hydrophobic modification technology, design of bamboo powder and biodegradable plastic PHBV (poly-hydroxy butyrateco-valerate) mixed components, and bamboo based biological composite plastic extrusion and injection molding process.

The breakthroughs in those key technologies made it possible to develop bamboo based biological composite plastic injection molding products from the raw materials of bamboo processing residues and degradable biological plastic PHBV.

The products cost 25% to 30% less than the pure biological plastic products. And it has the advantages of higher strength, modulus and heat distortion temperature which improved the pure biological plastic high cost, poor heat resistance.

The main performance indicators have reached the national standard requirements.  A 200 tons / year bamboo based biological composite plastic trial production line and an injection molding products trial production line have been built based on this project result.

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