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Stellar Films launches sustainable personal care films utilising Cardia Biohybrid technology

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Melbourne-based established manufacturer Stellar Films has released their new range of sustainable films utilising Cardia Biohybrid™ patented technology for the personal care and medical products industry. The new range of films meets the highest performance standards and displays a unique satin feel. Stellar Films will be present with these novel films at the world's leading nonwovens trade fair, INDEX 11, in Geneva, Switzerland commencing 12th April 2011.

Stellar Films Managing Director, Stephen Walters, said "The combination of performance, environmental profile and cost effectiveness made Cardia BiohybridTM technology the solution for Stellar Films product needs. The unique texture of our BiohybridTM hygiene and medical films gives our customers' products that plush, satin feel and appearance."

Stellar Films' product launch of personal care films made with Cardia BiohybridTM technology is consistent with the INDEX 11 theme of market innovation and sustainability of nonwovens products.

Cardia BiohybridTM technology combines renewable thermoplastics with polyolefin material to reduce dependence on finite oil resources and to reduce carbon footprint. Cardia Managing Director, Dr Frank Glatz, said "Growth for our business is fuelled by the global trend towards sustainable packaging. We are delighted to be collaborating with Stellar Films to offer the personal care industry a product that is environmentally responsible and offers a unique and soft finish."

"Stellar Films is a company committed to the manufacture and supply of the finest quality personal care film products. In conjunction with several of their major customers, Stellar is committed to further enhancing the current range of sustainable products and manufacturing processes.

Our partnership with Stellar Films will enable their personal care film customers to purchase innovative film products with reduced dependence on finite oil resources and lower carbon footprint."

Stephen Walters emphasised Stellar Films' strategy on responsible products and packaging. "We are excited to work with Cardia Bioplastics. Our personal care film products made from Cardia BiohybridTM resins will form an integral part of our responsible product offering."

Cardia Bioplastics is benefiting from the trend towards sustainable packaging with products used in a broad range of packaging applications, including flexible film, injection moulding, blow moulding, foam, extrusion and coating applications. It gives customers the choice of using sustainable Cardia BiohybridTM technology (less oil, lower carbon foot print) or Cardia's internationally certified Compostable technology for their packaging or plastic products.

About Cardia Bioplastics

Cardia Bioplastics Limited (ASX CODE: CNN), through its 100% owned subsidiary Cardia Bioplastics Australia Pty Ltd, develops, manufactures and markets sustainable resins and finished products derived from renewable resources for the global packaging and plastic products industries. The company holds a strong patent portfolio and its growth is fuelled by the global trend towards sustainable packaging. Established in Australia in 2002 as Biograde, the company Headquarters and Global Applications Development Centre is in Melbourne, Australia. The Product Development Centre and manufacturing plant is in Nanjing, China. There are Cardia Bioplastics offices in the Americas, Europe, Malaysia and China, and a network of leading distributors across Australia, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Visit

About Stellar Films

Stellar Films is a Melbourne-based manufacturer of high-quality film for personal care and medical product applications. Our heritage in manufacturing quality personal care film products spans over 25 years with manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia and Port Klang, Malaysia. Over the last ten years, the Stellar Films Group has worked to develop partnerships with customers in over twenty seven countries throughout North America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand. Our goal is to provide our customers with film, service & technical backup in a package that represents ........"Affordable Quality".


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