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NEW biodegradable bags and compounds from the collaboration between ICEA and Novamont

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Sacchet ®:  the new bag made of Mater-Bi biodegradable and compostable achieved thanks to an agreement between Novamont and ICEA.
ICEA, Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, and Novamont, a leading Italian company in the bioplastics sector, have signed a partnership to distribute products in Mater-Bi ® between organic producers.
Sacchet ® is another tool for agricultural producers and operators of specialty shops, already very attentive and active in environmental sustainability, to alert customers to new eco-friendly and environmentally friendly behavior through the distribution of biodegradable and compostable bags, which can be reused for collecting differentiated staffing and reduce environmental impact.
Sacchet is a promotional item, which will be marketed with the help of ICEA and Novamont, with a 45% discount on list price.
Mater-Bi ®, patented by Novamont bioplastic, biodegradable and naturally compostable according to Italian standard UNI EN 13432, can provide resistance and strength very similar to traditional plastics, but it contains renewable resources of agricultural origin. Decreases emissions of greenhouse gases, reduces the consumption of energy and renewable resources, completes a virtuous circle: raw materials of agricultural origin return to the earth through processes of biodegradation and composting without the release of pollutants.
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Novamont SpA, owned by Banca Intesa San Paolo and Investors Associates, is a leader in the manufacture of bioplastics obtained from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin. With 200 employees (30% of them working in R & D), has allocated more than 7% of its turnover in 2010 (equal to EUR 87 million) in research and development. It boasts a total production capacity of 80,000 tons per year. The company has a patent portfolio that includes 90 patent families and 800 internationally registered patents. It is based in Novara with manufacturing plants in Terni. It operates directly or through distributors in Germany, France, Benelux, Scandinavia, Denmark, United Kingdom, United States, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
Through inspections and certifications for more than 12 000 companies with a strong ethical, environmental and social ICEA - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification is the most important European organizations in the areas of biological control and sustainable growth. ICEA ( combines historical associations of organic farming, bio-architecture, finance, ethics and consumer protection, including Banca Popolare Etica, Anab, Acu, CSQA. With 300 engineers and 24 regional offices in Italy and abroad, working in the areas of food (organic food and farming) and non-food (cosmetics and detergents, environmental, forestry and sustainable tourism, textile, organic, fair trade, ethical finance, certification SA8000, eco-friendly furniture, green building materials). It also carries out research and development, training, and work actively in the international arena. With a long list of credits in Italy and abroad, the Institute works to provide you with independence and impartiality, alongside a service company that grows in a sustainable way and consumers who buy responsibly.


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