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BIOPAR® from Biop Biopolymer Technologies AG

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BIOPAR® is a potato starch based biopolymer with the capability to 100% biodegrade – DIN 13432 - into water and carbon. Biodegrades in the environment by the help of the micro organism present in this environment. There is no need to compost BIOPAR® in an industrial composting facility but of course you can. On the other hand the so called shelf-live of the converted BIOPAR® is at least 5 years without the loss of properties. No micro organism, No Biodegradation!

BIOPAR® does not use starch predestined for the food chain, human nor animal. The starch used comes from a potato especially grown to produce starch. This is usually a non edible potato. This particular starch finds its use already for decades in the Paper, Textile, lubricants for oil drilling, glues, wall paints etc.

BIOPAR® can be used for producing products typically made out of Polyethylene – PE, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE or Polypropylene – PP or PVC. It can be processed on the same production lines, requires however 2/3 less energy than the conventional plastics on temperatures up to 140C° instead of 240C°.

Changing the world’s environment by using plastics is so common spread that it is hard to resist discussions about the usage of plastics in general. Plastics preserve the quality of foods keeps away dirt and prevents contaminations etc. of many non food products. The negative side effects – the consequential damage - of the use of plastics occur during the second live of the plastics, or the irresponsible disposals of the plastics are the main focus of BIOPAR®

BIOPAR® solves a few negative issues that occur out of this. BIOPAR® cannot prevent littering by the users nor can BIOPAR® prevent people from being irresponsible. BIOPAR® however helps to eliminate all consequential damage caused by this irresponsible behaviour.

BIOPAR® is better in the first live usage and performs best in the second-live option.


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