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A radically new natural and sustainable material that will change the world of home and garden products forever

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Environmentally conscious consumers can now replace or recycle their existing home and garden plastic products and replace them with all new PROGANIC products.

The unique biopolymer PROGANIC provides the ecological, aesthetic and yet sophisticated alternative to conventional plastic. This contemporary fabric is exceptional robust, 100% natural and full biodegradable. It adds more sense and dynamics to everyday life by combining a residue free material with smart designs and energetic colors. The launch includes watering cans and flower pots, with many more items to be added in the near future.

PROGANIC consists of 100% natural and renewable ingredients (such as glucose, palm wax) and minerals - even the striking colour tones are achieved naturally. This visionary biopolymer makes an enormous contribution to protecting the earth’s dwindling natural resources. In terms of product performance it is comparable to conventional plastic. BUT: contrary to ordinary plastic the highly resilient PROGANIC is completely broken down and absorbed back into Earths natural cycle once it is placed in active compost.

PROGANIC is a registered trademark of PROPPER, Germany.

It has been tested and approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and recommended for use in the food industry. In addition it also conforms to European norm 71, Articles 3 and 9 (toys). In short PROGANIC is THE sustainable material of the future. It is easily recognisable by its seal of quality.



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