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Cardia Bioplastics appoints Eco Ventures as Exclusive Distributor for Brazil

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Cardia Bioplastics has appointed Brazil's leading sustainable packaging company as its exclusive distributor for Brazil.

Eco Ventures Do Brasil (Eco Ventures), will distribute Cardia's portfolio of BiohybridTM and compostable resins derived from sustainable resources, in Brazil.

The exclusive distribution agreement enables Eco Ventures, a subsidiary of World Eco Ventures, to offer customers the comprehensive range of Cardia Bioplastics sustainable resins to the Brazilian packaging and plastic products industries.

Eco Ventures Chief Operating Officer Joao Paulo Mignot said the Cardia Bioplastics range would provide sustainable polymer choices for customers.

"As the ‘green space' grows, we have looked for a leading bioplastics supplier with a full portfolio of sustainable options. The Cardia Bioplastics range of products allows our customers a choice," he said.

"Depending on their specific product and sustainability needs, customers can choose from Cardia BiohybridTM or Cardia certified compostable resins."

"These materials can be converted with standard processing equipment to a broad range of packaging and plastics products," said Joao Paulo.

Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director Dr Frank Glatz said the Eco Ventures agreement further extended the company's global distributor roll out.

"We are delighted to have this partnership with Eco Ventures do Brasil Ltd, the leading sustainable packaging and plastics products distributor in the Brazilian market."

"This is all part of our global expansion strategy."
"Growth for the sustainable resins market is driven by changing public attitudes and corresponding regulatory requirements. Another driver for sustainable packaging is the growing certainty that reduction in use of fossil fuels; is coming closer."

"Packaging and plastics businesses know that eventually higher petroleum prices will erode their competitiveness and their profit margins, and they want packaging and bioplastics products solutions based on sustainable resources," Dr Glatz said.

Cardia Bioplastics and Eco Ventures do Brasil are benefiting from the trend towards sustainable packaging with products used in a broad range of packaging applications, including flexible film, injection moulding, blow moulding, foam, extrusion and coating applications.

Customers will have the choice of using sustainable Cardia BiohybridTM technology or Cardia's Compostable technology for their packaging or plastic products applications.

Cardia BiohybridTM proprietary technology combines renewable thermoplastics with polyolefin material to reduce dependence on finite oil resources and to reduce carbon footprint. Cardia Compostable resins are high performance packaging materials certified to international compostable packaging standards like USA ASTM 6400 and Europe's EN13432:2000.

About Cardia Bioplastics
Cardia Bioplastics Limited (ASX CODE: CNN), through its 100% owned subsidiary Cardia Bioplastics Australia Pty Ltd, develops, manufactures and markets sustainable resins and finished products derived from renewable resources for the global packaging and plastic products industries. The company holds a strong patent portfolio and its growth is fuelled by the global trend towards sustainable packaging. Established in Australia in 2002 as Biograde, the company Headquarters and Global Applications Development Centre is in Melbourne, Australia. The Product Development Centre and manufacturing plant is in Nanjing, China. There are Cardia Bioplastics offices in the Americas, Europe and China, and a network of leading distributors across Australia, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Visit

About Eco Ventures do Brasil
Eco Ventures do Brasil is Brazil's leading distributor of sustainable packaging products. Eco Ventures focuses on distributing BiohybridTM and certified compostable products packaging products made with less oil and a better carbon footprint. Eco Ventures has a high reputation, strong technical expertise and sales resources in the Brazilian market place. Visit

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