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Thinfish Project: In Search Of Smarter Fish Packaging

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In a recent press release, the Spanish National Association of Manufacturers of Canned Fish and Seafood (Anfaco) reported the approval of three different projects which were funded by the European Union.

One of the three schemes is the THINFISH project:

Coordinated by the company CRIIMPLA and with the participation of Bulgarian company Sivel Ltd., ANFACO-CECOPESCA and Plastic Technology Centre AIMPLAS.

This project is funded through the European convene Eco-Innovation, which seeks to support projects related to eco-innovative products, techniques, services or processes that aim to prevent or reduce the environmental impacts or contribute to the optimal use of resources.

The main objective of this project is the development and marketing of a new recyclable packaging for fishery products that do not need heat treatment. The results of a previous project COBAPACK will be applied to this project to produce a more environment friendly packaging by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and plastic wastes.

This new package will provide companies a recyclable product obtained partly from renewable sources, versatile in design and with competitive prices.

Therefore, ANFACO-CECOPESCA commits to the innovation and the international collaboration at the highest level of European excellence for the development of new solutions for fishing and aquaculture products, and the food sector in general.


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