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DaniMer Scientific’s 12291 Film Resins Obtain OK Biodegradable Soil Certification

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DaniMer Scientific’s 12291 film resins have been officially certified as biodegradable in soil by Vinçotte International, a renowned inspection facility headquartered in Vilvoorde, Belgium. The OK biodegradable soil label guarantees that products will completely biodegrade in soil without adversely affecting the environment. According to Vinçotte, biodegradability in the soil offers huge benefits for agricultural and horticultural products as following their intended use this film material can be left to break down on site.

“The OK Biodegradable Soil Certification is a very exciting development for DaniMer because it verifies that our film resins will naturally degrade in soil,” says Scott Tuten, Senior Vice President of DaniMer Scientific. “We have worked diligently to create a revolutionary product that serves our customers’ performance needs that is also environmentally friendly. DaniMer’s film resins are degradable and compostable in a variety of environments, including water and garden compost. The DanIMer 12291 film offers multiple end of life options enabling consumers or customers to benefit from our product in an assortment of applications.”

DaniMer’s film resins are specifically designed for the efficient conversion and production of: disposable shopping bags, compostable bags, odor barrier packaging products and agricultural mulch film, among others.



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