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DIBBIOPACK: Smart and Biodegradable Packaging

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This morning took place the official presentation of DIBBIOPACK project, a European project  that has a budget of almost € 8M, involving 19 partners from 11 different countries and is led by Aitiip, a technology center in Aragon (Spain).
This project, 48 months, starts to develop packaging that we can find in a few years in sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. The main features of these new packages are:

-Biomaterials developed (biodegradable and renewable sources)
-Best thermal, mechanical and barrier through nanotechnology and innovative coatings, which increase the life of the product packaging.
-Integration of technologies and smart devices to provide consumer information on both the product, and the entire life cycle of the container.
-Made of flexible production processes and technologies more environmentallysustainable and effective.
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