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Plant-based plastics: Roquette's GAÏALENE® industrial unit fully operational

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The Roquette Group, one of the world leaders in the processing of raw vegetable materials, is now becoming a major plant-based plastics player. It has successfully launched its first industrial production unit for GAIALENE® plant-based plastics at its main site in Lestrem (Pas-de-Calais).

roquete The construction of this industrial unit with a capacity of 25,000 tonnes was finished on schedule at the end of 2011.
Another decisive step was completed at the beginning of this year: the production of this industrial unit fully complies with the quality standards laid down by Roquette and will be able to serve the European market where there is a big demand for eco-designed products with a low carbon footprint.

After several years of investment in research & development, the Roquette Group has developed a range of plant-based plastics that are now available in industrial quantities under the GAIALENE® brand.
Unique and unrivalled on the market, these GAIALENE® plant-based plastics are produced with a patented technology from locally grown cereals. These vegetable materials are used to replace the fossil-based raw materials normally used for plastics.
The GAIALENE® plant-based plastics are very environmentally-friendly. They have a particularly low carbon footprint and are veritable carbon traps thanks to their vegetable origin and what is more they are totally recyclable at the end of their service lives in the existing sectors.
These GAIALENE® plastics are used in the conventional processes to be found in the plastics technology industry and constitute an innovative solution for the production of films, injection moulded parts and small bottles. The industrial range is today available in various packagings.

In order to serve the European market, where there is a big demand for products with a low carbon footprint, the Roquette Group chose to set up its first industrial production unit for GAIALENE® on its main site at Lestrem in northern France. The reason for this location is also to have the benefit of the upstream integration of plant-based resources within the biggest biorefinery in Europe.
The Roquette Group now positions itself as a benchmark player for innovative solutions in the plastics technology sector.


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