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EPI launches OxoGreen – a line of Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Products


EPI Environmental Products Inc., of Vancouver British Columbia, launched its new line of OxoGreen oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Products on January 18th, 2012.

Even after more than 20 years of being in the oxo-biodegradable plastic industry, EPI felt there needed to be more 100 per cent degradable and biodegradable products available to consumers globally.

For this reason, the OxoGreen line of products was created.

This year in Canada, not only will OxoGreen produce 100 per cent degradable garbage bags but whenever possible, these bags will also be made from 100 per cent recycled materials.

OxoGreen will be establishing relationships with its current TDPA licensees to become partners in the manufacturing and distribution of the OxoGreen products initially for the North American market and thereafter will proceed to move forward on a global initiative.

EPI is the Pioneer of the Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Additive, TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additive), which when added to the manufacturing of plastic, makes them degradable.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency of Canada has been pressuring municipalities to recycle plastic bags, less than 7 per cent were being recycled due to low participation and lack of suitable facilities.

Unfortunately recycling plastic bags is not the total solution. It is too costly of a proposition as per the following example as quoted by Jared Blumenfeld, the director of the Department of Environment in San Francisco, "After 10 years, the recycling rate for plastic bags in San Francisco – which is pointed to as a model nationwide – is 1 per cent, so 99 per cent failure”.

Recycling Position (San Francisco, Dept of Environment director) for 1 ton of recycled plastic bags

• Recycling and processing cost: US$4,000 / ton

• Resulting value of the recycled material: US$32 / ton

For this reason, using an OxoGreen Oxo-Biodegradable product is making the right choice. Sandy MacLean has joined the EPI team to head up our OxoGreen Division.



  1. quoting Jared Blumenfeld of San Francisco California, a city and state where your claims are 100% illegal gives the false appearance of endorsement...shameful...however not surprising coming from EPI.

  2. This is a very misleading technology. PE does NOT compost or biodebrade. EPI is mis-marketing.