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FKuR and Braskem sign Green PE Compounding Agreement

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Global biopolymer leader Braskem and bioplastics compounding specialist FKuR have signed a compounding agreement for BioPE, Green PE. This strong partnership will result in the first tailor-made green polyethylene compounds available in Europe.

Braskem was seeking an experienced partner to increase their European market share and develop high value compounds for a diverse range of applications. “We chose FKuR as a partner because they have extensive compounding experience with polyolefins and bioplastics. Their extensive knowledge of the renewable plastics market and their excellent reputation in the bioplastics business convinced us they are the best partner,” declared Fabio Carneiro, Renewable Chemicals Commercial Officer.

“This agreement is a substantial and important step towards increasing our renewable plastics portfolio. The compounding of Green PE is a logical evolution of our strong worldwide expansion and company philosophy: Plastics – made by nature,” explained Dr. Edmund Dolfen, FKuR’s CEO.

In September 2010, Braskem became the world’s first producer of LLDPE and HDPE from renewable resources. The ethanol used to make Green PE is made from sugarcane produced in Brazil. The renewable resource ratio per product can reach up to 100%, depending on the application. As a result of Braskem’s technology and raw material source, each ton of green polyethylene produced captures up to 2.5 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Another advantage is that Green PE is 100% recyclable using existing processes. In addition, because Green PE is not biodegradable, the CO2 captured during the sugarcane cultivation process remains sequestered for the plastic's entire life cycle. Finally, Braskem’s Green PE has the same technical properties and processability as fossil-based polyethylenes. This means that Green PE processing does not require any new investments in equipment or technical adjustments, which represents a distinct advantage for the manufacturing industry.


Bioplastics or Biopolymers:

Bioplastics are a unique class of compounds produced from renewable resources and/or which enable the biodegradability of products made from them.

About FKuR:

FKuR is a leading producer of biopolymer resins/blends for flexible packaging (Bio-Flex®) and rigid applications (Biograde®). For further information about FKuR go to:

About Braskem:

Braskem is the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and global leader in biopolymers. With 31 industrial plants in Brazil and the United States, Braskem produces over 15 million tons of thermoplastic resins and other petrochemical products per year. The company’s 2020 vision is “to be the world leader in sustainable chemistry, innovating to better serve the people.” For further information about Braskem go to:

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