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Cortec ® Corporation Launches Biobased Film Products for Marine and Anaerobic Digestion Markets

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Cortec®  Corporation, a leading bioplastics producer located in Minnesota, USA is pleased to announce the launch and commercial availability of EcoOcean™ .  This new bioplastic  offers  a  combination of environmental and performance benefits previously unattainable—flexibility and strength; commercial and low-temperature backyard  compostability; 77%  annually renewable raw material content; anaerobic and marine biodegradability.  EcoOcean™  is the only bioplastic on the market that offers users this combination of benefits.


EcoOcean™  is the result of  not only  novel bioplastics resin technology, but  also production and processing breakthroughs attained after years of development work by Cortec's Cambridge, MN and Beli Manastir, Croatia extrusion plants.  The new EcoOcean™ films and bags bridge the environmental and performance gap that has existed for decades with other  films.

“EcoOcean™  will revolutionize the use of flexible packaging, especially in coastal areas of the world,”  states Boris Miksic, CEO of Cortec® Corporation. 


Ideally, EcoOcean™  is disposed of in commercial composting, or  in oxygen deprived anaerobic digestors.  However, as is seen worldwide, plastics can  still end up in the waterways—even in communities with the harshest and strictest penalties for litter. 

EcoOcean™  has an advantage in nearly all intentional and unintentional disposal methods.  In ntombed landfills, the main benefit is the film's   renewable content.  In composting, it allows rapid aerobic biodegradation naturally and safely.   In anaerobic digestion (AD) systems or methaneproducing landfills (WtE), the films rapidly breakdown in as little as 15 days.  For waterway litter, EcoOcean™  provides coastal areas with a technological safety net to further support their legislative and social goals of coastal and marine preservation. 


EcoOcean™  has been tested to numerous standards and specifications, including, but not limited to the following:
ASTM D 7081: Standard Specification for Biodegradability in Marine Environments

ASTM D 5511: Standard Test Method for Anaerobic Biodegradation (15 Days)
ASTM D 6400: Standard Specification for Commercial Compostability

EcoOcean™  will soon be available in standard sizes and forms in over 70 countries worldwide to serve end-user and converter markets.  For more information on EcoOcean™ , please contact Cortec® Corporation today.


About Cortec Corporation Cortec ®
Corporation is the world leader in innovative and environmentally responsible technologies for industry.
Cortec®  was the first North American extruder of bioplastics to attain BPI certification for compostable plastics  and  has a long history of bioplastic innovations including: flexible film versions of PLA  (Eco Works®),  cryogenic packaging (Eco Film® ), drawtape bag (Eco Works® ), stretch, masking, and cling film (EcoWrap® ),
anti-static films (EcoCorr®  ESD), corrosion inhibiting (EcoCorr®, EcoCorr®  ESD), shrink with clarity (Eco Works®
70 Shrink), and jointly developed offshore drilling films. Cortec ®  manufactures over 450 products distributed worldwide with five plants in the U.S., one in Europe, and sales channel partners in over 70 countries.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified.
Cortec Website: Phone: 1-800-426-7832   FAX: (651) 429-1122



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