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Masterbatch for Use in PLA for Film and Sheet Increases Impact Strength 10 to 20 Times while Providing Excellent Clarity

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FDA-Accepted for Loadings up to 20%, Terraloy™ 90000 Series Masterbatch Can Be Used for Flexible and Thermoformed Packaging, Extrusion Coating, and Food Service Disposables.

A clear impact modifier masterbatch for use with polylactic acid (PLA) bioplasticsstrawberry provides substantial increases in impact strength while sustaining the excellent clarity of the base resin, it was announced today by the Bioplastics Division of Teknor Apex Company.

Terraloy™ 90000 Series masterbatches are formulated with Biostrength® impact modifier from Arkema, Inc. and carrier polymers consisting of Ingeo® PLA from NatureWorks LLC. Teknor Apex recommends adding the masterbatch to PLA resins at 5 to 10% levels. The Terraloy 90000 Series is in compliance with U.S. Food & Drug Administration requirements for food-contact applications at loadings up to 20%.

In one series of standard tests with 2-mil thick cast film tape, Terraloy 90000 Series masterbatch at 5 and 10% loadings increased Gardner impact strength 9- and 16-fold, respectively, in comparison with unmodified or “neat” PLA. At the same time, haze levels increased from 4.1% to only 4.5 and 6.5%, respectively.

“Terraloy 90000 Series masterbatch increases the toughness and reduces the brittleness of PLA, expanding the value of this key bioplastic in a wide range of packaging applications where clarity is essential,” said Edwin Tam, manager of new strategic initiatives. “As a custom compounder, Teknor Apex is prepared to tailor masterbatch formulations to customer needs by, for example, varying the grade of NatureWorks’ Ingeo resin used as the carrier.”

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