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Ecoriginals launches eco baby nappy made from Cardia Compostable technology

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imageAustralian Ecoriginals and Cardia Bioplastics partnered to produce environmentally friendly, high quality and affordable eco baby nappies that are chiefly made from plant-based and compostable materials. Ecoriginals have launched their 'Ecoriginals Baby' nappies with the aim of capturing a share of the $500 million Australian nappy market.

This exciting partnership with Ecoriginals, an Australian company dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly baby care products, demonstrates further the diversity of Cardia's growing portfolio of innovative products for the consumer products market.

Under the arrangement, Cardia Compostable films are being back specified and used by Ecoriginals for their nappy back sheets and nappy packaging, making the nappy as a whole, a standout to environmentally and health conscious consumers. Cardia is also supplying Ecorginals with Cardia Compostable nappy bags and bin liners.

Ecoriginals is an innovative company, that builds its business on environmentally friendly products and we are proud to partner with them,said Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director Dr Frank Glatz. Collaborating with Ecoriginals presents an exciting opportunity to develop high performance compostable films and packaging to reduce the environmental footprint of their nappy products.

Our proprietary Biohybrid and Compostable hygiene films and packaging are important offerings in meeting the demanding product and packaging performance requirements of the global hygiene products market,รข€ he said. Cardia Compostable resin and film technology enables businesses to reduce the use of fossil fuel in their products and packaging, as well as delivering compostability.

Ecoriginals co-founder Lisa Laing stated "We are confident that with the expertise of Cardia and the inclusion of their compostable films into our new Ecoriginals Baby"™ nappy product, we are bringing the latest technology to market for Australian parents."
"We hope to continue to grow the relationship between Ecoriginals and Cardia as we take on the existing nappy markets in Australia and overseas".

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