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Cardia Bioplastics receives IAIR Green Excellence Award

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Cardia Bioplastics Limited is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the IAIR Green Excellence Award. IAIR Awards is one of the world's leading ranking and prize for excellence in global economy and sustainability.

After conducting a global survey of 50,000 readers, the IAIR รข€" Global Economy & Sustainability announced Cardia Bioplastics as the winner in the category of Leadership in Innovation & Sustainability in Packaging for Asia Pacific.
For a company with humble beginnings in Australia that has grown to an international leader in bioplastics, this Award is further confirmation of Cardia's ability to develop leading sustainable solutions.

With an intellectual property portfolio of 11 patent families and 12 patents so far granted in key markets, Cardia, with its customers, has commercialised a wide range of innovative products made with its proprietary bioplastics technology. Products include air cushion packaging made from renewable resources, compostable ice cream sticks replacing wooden ones, soft and compostable nappy product and packaging films, compostable food and coffee packaging, cutlery made from renewable resources for snack food industry, Biohybrid films for bulk water packaging replacing rigid plastic containers, cosmetics and nutritional packaging made with less oil.

Dr Frank Glatz, Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director who received the Award on behalf of Cardia in Hong Kong on 28 February said, "We are very excited to have been awarded the IAIR Green Excellence Award in Sustainable Packaging. It really does cement Cardia's reputation for leadership in innovation and sustainability in packaging.
"We hope that this will demonstrate the diversity and long term possibilities of bioplastics" continues Dr Glatz.

The Awards ceremony will be followed by an IAIR AWARDS 2014 road show, which will see Awards recipients promoted at the London Stock Exchange, in New York and Sao Paulo.
Cardia Bioplastics is in good company, with past IAIR award recipients including companies such as Toyota, Panasonic, Johnson & Johnson, Danone, L'Oreal, Sony, Adidas, Canon, Samsung, Ikea, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, UPS, Siemens, Nestle, Microsoft, Starbucks, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Bank of China, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Vodafone, Novartis, BASF, Daimler, Royal Dutch Shell, Christian Dior, FedEx, Cartier and Citibank.

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