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Wine bottle closures to be made using Braskem's green plastic in the United States

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braskem logo Nomacorc will launch the first closure made from Braskem's 100% renewable material in United States.  Called Select® Bio, the closures are 100% recyclable and feature the same oxygen management performance as the conventional line, while also preventing deterioration and waste caused by processes such as oxidation and reduction.  In this case, the green plastic works as an efficient drop-in replacement for cork, a material provided by special trees that can take up to decades to grow.

Braskem's I'm greenTM Polyethylene is made from ethylene derived from sugarcane ethanol. Its main advantage is that it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, since it sequesters carbon dioxide during its production process. It also features the same properties as traditional polyethylene, which means that manufacturers do not have to change their machinery and that it can be recycled. To help consumers recognize the green plastic, Braskem created the "I'm greenTM" seal, which guarantees the renewable origin of the packaging.

Source: Braskem

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