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New biopolymers suitable for injection moulding developed by Novamont

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novamont logo DI01A and DI02A are the names of two new biopolymer grades developed by Novamont and presented at the K 2013 fair. The new products, which contain a high proportion of renewable materials, are compostable, and are approved for contact with foodstuffs. They also offer moulding performance levels very similar to those of polypropylene, and can be used to produce complex items, including thin or large ones. "The availability of these new biopolymers opens up some important opportunities in the sector of disposable products for catering.

This development has also made it possible to develop even more sustainable solutions that offer innovative mechanical, thermo-mechanical, production and aesthetic features and performance levels. The high aethetic quality and unmistakeable "feel" of these new materials are also bound to represent a great source of inspiration for designers, including industrial designers, who, embarking on the development of environmentally sustainable objects and products, will find themselves enjoying greater freedom and confidence in the final performance level", remarked Alessandro Ferlito, sales manager at Novamont.

Source: Novamont

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