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New bio-packaging for sugar

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Beginning January 2014, the supermarket shelves will present a whole new box of sugar Daddy brand (cooperative group Cristal Union). Its uniqueness is that it is composed of 90% plant-based plastic produced by fermentation of sugar cane , as it is high-density polyethylene , supplied by the Brazilian company Braskem . This biobased plastic has been selected because it has successfully completed compression testing , labeling and filling plant. It will also reduce by 13% the weight of boxes of sugar, which will allow the company to save 10 tons of plastic per year , with a total annual consumption of 100 tons. All these developments are still the result of 5 years of work, according to Olivier de Bohan , president of Cristal Union .



By using this new material a reduction of 400 t / year of CO2 in emissions are expected

Source:Formule Verte | Le magazine des matières premières et des ingrédients renouvelables

(Translated from the original in French)

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