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Cellulose based packaging

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In late 2012 Hamer Packaging Technology was considered elegible for a credit line by the CDTI (a Spanish public institution devoted to support industrial technology innovation) for the development of a new technology in cellulose fibre moulding.


cellulose trays

A R&D working team at Hamer Packaging Technology has been working in a new technology which enables to manufacture a new generation of compostable packaging products made from recycled cellulose fibres obtained from sugar cane, beetroot, wood or similar natural resources which in fact replaces petrochemical based non-renewable packaging.



The resultant packaging can be used for a wide range of industries, including packaging of fresh products.

A special laminating technology has been also developed to cover the moulded shape with an extremely thin layer of plastic film. This laminating process provides the resulting package with a very effective barrier from oxigen, water vapor, dust, etc. required for fresh products when packaged under MAP conditions.

Source: Hamer Packaging Technology

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