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Unilever searching for bio-based ingredients

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unilever logo The British company Unilever has announced the launch of a research project with the University of Liverpool to develop the next generation of renewable chemicals from biomass for use in home care and personal care products .

The three-year project will develop renewable from excess sugars chemicals , fats , oils and carbohydrates, co -products from various industries or from forestry waste , creating a center of excellence in identifying renewable ingredients. Products which can then become the raw materials for the Unilever group.

Research will be located at the University of Liverpool. Methods for high throughput screening will be used to accelerate development .

The partners emphasize that the program is partially funded by the UK Department for Business , Innovation and Skills ( UK Department for Business , Innovation Skills years ) .

To surfactants from renewable sources
" This work has the potential to revolutionize the way we produce household products and reduce the environmental impact of our products. The research could eventually lead to new alternatives for key areas such as surfactants and polymers used in the composition of many products for home care products and ingredients , "said Paul Jenkins , director of Unilever Research .

Note that the search will include raw materials of non-food quality, including materials such as residues of sugar beet . AB Sugar , one of the leading sugar companies in the world , is also a key partner in the project and provide residual sugar beet from the refining process - a material with a high potential for the production of new ingredients .

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