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Spanish Research Center Aimplas develops an innovative method for PLA formulation

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aimplas researcher Aimplas (Technological Institute of Plastics) and eleven other European companies and research centers are developing the InnoREX project, coordinated by the German center Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology and funded by the Seventh Framework Programme. During the 42 month duration of the project also participate as observers Roquette and HUHTAMAKI multinationals.

The main objective of the project is InnoREX using an extruder as a reactor to produce bioplastics from polylactic acid (PLA). This new technology will, among other benefits, increase the uniformity of production and thanks to the incorporation of a viscometer, the viscosity of the material can be measured, modified or corrected during the production process.

Furthermore,  metal catalysts currently necessary in the process can be avoided. Through this project an organic catalyst will  be developed   as a substitute of the metal particles to accelerate the reaction and to obtain bioplastics. The removal of metal particles in the process will be an environmental improvement and safety of workers.

Source: Izaro Manufacturing Technologies

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