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Kesko Food to use biodegradable materials in Pirkka vegetable packaging

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Biodegradable packaging material, innovated in Finland, will be used for the first time in Finland in the packaging of three domestic Pirkka vegetables. By introducing the new packaging material Kesko Food promotes the objective of Kesko’s responsibility programme for mitigating climate change and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.


Pirkka Chinese cabbage

Biodegradable material will be used for the first time in Finland in the packaging of Pirkka Chinese cabbage, leak and onion bunches that are sold packaged. The new material is made from starch based renewable material and it does not contain genetically modified organisms. The packaging can be disposed of by composting. The biodegradable packaging material is also breathable, which makes it perfectly suited to packaging vegetables.

– For several years, Kesko Food has examined the possibility of using packaging material which would have the smallest possible environmental impact. The material we are now introducing is certified, which means that it fulfils the criteria for both biodegradability and the product safety and quality requirements of vegetable packaging, says Heini Haverinen, Product Quality Manager of Kesko Food.

The functionality of the packaging material was tested during spring in cooperation with Plastiroll Oy, the developer of the material, and the vegetable packaging centre Uudenmaan Vihannes Oy. The product is a Finnish innovation.

– The functionality and properties of the film have been tested in close cooperation. Based on the tests, we have jointly modified the product to meet Kesko Food’s needs, says Plastiroll’s District Manager Jukka Kallionp√§√§.

The first vegetables packaged in the new material will arrive in K-food stores in mid-July.

– The product labels clearly indicate that the packaging material is made from renewable material and is 100% biodegradable. The new packaging also provides more information about the product itself, in compliance with the new regulation on the provision of food information to consumers. We are looking forward to customers’ reactions to the renewed packaging material, says Haverinen.

Source: Plastiroll

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