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First biodegradable bottle for drugstore and healthcare products

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The first biodegradable bottle for drugstore and healthcare products has been successfully developed through BIO P FARM project.
The Spanish companies ALMUPLAS, Talleres Rubla and Talleres Pena and AIMPLAS as technological partner, have developed a new biodegradable packaging with capacity between 150 and 500 ml intended to contain drugstore and pharmacy products such as gels, shampoos, creams and mouthwashes although according to researchers who have worked on the project could also be used in the food industry and some cleaning products.


aimplas bio bottle


Nowadays, this type of packaging is only manufactured with high density polyethylene due to the requirements of the manufacturing process and the characteristics of the product. From now, biodegradable materials can be used in these packages, preserving the properties of the product contained, and adding value from the environmental point of view.
The bottles obtained in BIO P FARM, after use and under appropriate conditions, are decomposed into carbon dioxide, water, salts and biomass within 45 days and four months.

Advantages also for packaging manufacturers


But the project has not only been a success in extending biodegradable materials to new applications. BIO P FARM has also been a major innovation in the adaptation of the production process. The new packaging is not only easily processable in conventional equipment, but also the production process has been made even saving costs due to lower energy consumption. This is an important aspect in order to introduce this product into the market. Nowadays there are 1,300 blowing industry companies in Europe and the biodegradable packaging demand is expected to rise up to two million tonnes on the horizon 2018.

The P BIO FARM project has been funded by the CDTI and cofinanced by FEDER and had a duration of 24 months.

Soource: K-2013

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