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Biodegradable Plastic Water Bottles support First Lady's ‘Drink Up’ Campaign

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The biodegradable plastics used in all Alkame bottle water products will naturally biodegrade in just 1-3 years.

Alkame has teamed up with BioSphere Plastic to combine Alkame's patented ultimate hydration water technology with the world's best BPA-free and biodegradable plastic water bottle. Not only does the Alkame patented water formula allow for ultra-hydration, better health, and improved performance, but you can also rest assured that each and every Alkame plastic bottle is designed for minimal environmental impact."



Alkame Water is incorporating the latest BioSphere Plastic technology into their water bottles making them environmentally friendly. Alkame's water bottles will not linger around for hundreds of years regardless of the disposal method.

Due to an exclusive BioSphere Plastic additive, the biodegradation process of the plastic has been greatly enhanced. Each Alkame water bottle contains a small amount of the natural and safe additive that dramatically changes the life cycle of the water bottle. When Alkame's water bottle is disposed of, whether in an aerobic or anaerobic environment, the additive attracts over 600 different types of microorganisms and encourages these microorganisms to secrete enzymes that break down the polymer chain allowing microbes to consume the plastic. The biodegradable BPA-free plastic bottles used by Alkame are both shelf stable and environmentally friendly.

BioSphere Plastic bottles actually have a positive net effect on the landfill waste system. As BioSphere bottles enter the landfill system and quickly and safely decompose, microorganisms create gases which are collected by a majority of active landfills around the United States to create energy. This energy is then used to offset the cost of landfill and to power commercial, industrial, and private homes and buildings. For additional information about BioSphere Plastic,


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