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A New Compostable Film Grade Resin launched by Metabolix

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metabolix logo Metabolix, Inc. has launched Mvera™ B5010, a new compostable film grade resin. Mvera B5010 film grade resin is designed for the compostable bag and film markets across the globe. 

Metabolix developed Mvera B5010 film grade resin to meet international industrial standards for compostability, and has been certified by Vinçotte to meet the EN13432 standard. Mvera B5010 resin allows significant down gauging and features excellent melt strength, resulting in easy processing on conventional blown film extrusion equipment. The compostable resin produces film that has excellent seal strength and good printability for compostable shopping bags and food waste compost bags. 

"We continue to make advances in the development of compostable resins and the further extension of our Mvera product line is designed to meet the global demand of the compostable bag and film markets," said Bob Engle, vice president, biopolymers, at Metabolix. "Mvera B5010 is the first commercial product release following the announcement of our collaboration with Samsung Fine Chemicals and it delivers on Metabolix's aim to extend our product range to meet customer needs in the marketplace, offering a robust balance of toughness and load-bearing capability."     

In July 2013, Metabolix announced a collaboration with Samsung Fine Chemicals and noted the complementary product lines and regional positioning of the companies.  

Source: Metabolix

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