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Pancake Parlour Restaurants lead the way with a "go green strategy"

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logos BLACK on WHITE combinedThe Melbourne Pancake Parlour Restaurants lead the way with a ”go green strategy” to lower their carbon footprint using Cardia’s environmentally friendly customer carrier bags and in-store waste management for garbage bags.

The Pancake Parlour restaurants in collaboration with Cardia Bioplastics Limited (Cardia) will implement a “go green strategy” that will reduce the carbon footprint of its Melbourne restaurants and at the same time provide an environmental benefit by using Cardia’s compostable and Biohybrid™ bioplastics technology based products.

The go green strategy will allow The Pancake Parlour to lower its carbon footprint by no longer providing conventional carrier bags to its customers and will no longer use conventional waste garbage bags in its restaurants. Instead, Cardia will supply compostable carrier bags to The Pancake Parlour restaurants and these bags will be given to customers for the take-away business. The restaurants will also introduce Cardia’s Biohybrid™ waste garbage bags that use less oil and have a lower carbon footprint, for use in its kitchens.

Cardia’s Chairman Mr Pat Volpe said, “The Pancake Parlour has assessed the use of conventional plastic bags and packaging in their restaurants and introduced a self-imposed ban on conventional plastic bags. Cardia analysed the uses of conventional plastic packaging and bags in the Pancake Parlour restaurants and formulated a solution where the carbon footprint of each store can now be reduced and at the same time provide environmentally friendly bags and packaging,” he said.

The Pancake Parlour CEO, Mr Simon Meadmore said, “Times have changed and whilst State and Local Governments in Australia are taking the right steps to ban plastic bags, providers of plastic bags to customers must now act and take the lead ahead of Government legislation. The Pancake Parlour will provide its customers with carrier bags that are certified to compost back into the earth as water and carbon dioxide as required by international composting standards. This new technology has the potential to rid the world of plastic bags that cause so much damage to our environment and take hundreds of years to decompose,” he said.

“I have also reviewed the total plastic usage in my restaurants and was amazed by the amount of oil that goes into plastic packaging and how much Cardia Bioplastics’ products can reduce the oil equivalents in their products,” he said.

“I now have a strategy for our restaurants to replace plastics with Cardia’s compostable and Biohybrid™ products that use less oil, have a lower carbon footprint and protect our environment.

The Pancake Parlour is pleasantly surprised with the diversified range of Cardia’s portfolio of products in its offering and the numerous applications that extend beyond just plastic bags.” he said.

Mr Meadmore also said “I am currently assessing the next stage of our “go green policy” where we are looking at Cardia’s waste management system that will provide on-site composting facilities and can now prevent our food waste from going to landfill, which causes the creation of harmful methane gases.

Our strategy will be to divert this waste to our own onsite composting facility that will convert this food waste to fertilizer to be used on The Pancake Parlour gardens at restaurants.”

“If our planet is serious about reducing reliance on the use of oil and protecting the environment from harmful plastics, then you do not have to look far to find alternative renewable and sustainable products manufactured by Cardia.” he said.

The Pancake Parlour restaurants in Melbourne, plan on introducing their new environmentally friendly bioplastics range of carrier bags and Biohybrid™ waste garbage bags from the 1st of September 2013.

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