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Child Bicycle Carriers Made From Cereplast Bioplastics

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MammaCangura by Bellelli, a world leader in the design and manufacture of child bicycle carriers and trailers, is launching a line of child bicycle carriers made from Cereplast Biopropylene® 101.
MammaCangura is manufacturing two child bicycle carriers made from Cereplast Biopropylene 101: FRECCIA ECO, a front-mounted child bicycle carrier, and MR FOX ECO, a rear-mounted child bicycle carrier. Initially, both carriers will be available for retail sale and purchase by MammaCangura North America at brick and mortar retailers in Canada, and online at

 Made from a non-toxic bioplastic frame, FRECCIA ECO is lightweight, solid and washable, featuring big-feet-shaped footrests, a secure handlebar for the child to play with, wide ventilation slots on the back and shoulders, a soft, removable and washable seat pad, a three-point length-adjustable harness, wider and safer legs/feet side protection to avoid contact with any parts of the bike, a child-proof, parent-friendly, one-hand fasten and release safety buckle with two depth settings, a wide, comfortable seat with high sideboards to increase child support and containment and a one-click, easyon/easy-off protection handle.

MR FOX ECO Made from a non-toxic bioplastic frame, MR FOX ECO is lightweight, durable and washable and features an ergonomic backrest with an integrated helmet slot to ensure maximum support and comfort to the child’s back and neck, a heightlength-depth-adjustable five-point harness, higher and safer sideboards, a soft, removable, washable seat pad, a childproof, parent-friendly one-hand fasten and release safety buckle with two depth settings in the seat center, broad footrest settings and four-position, length adjustable foot straps, a wide, comfortable seat, high sideboards to increase child support and containment and wider and safer legs/feet side protection to avoid any contact with wheel spokes.

The MammaCangura FRECCIA ECO and MR FOX ECO are made from Cereplast Biopropylene 101, which offers a lower carbon footprint when compared to conventional plastics. A third party lifecycle assessment (LCA) of Cereplast Biopropylene 101* determined that this grade of bioplastic resin is superior to all conventional plastics evaluated in terms of overall environmental impact. The LCA compared Cereplast Biopropylene 101 bioplastic to four different conventional
plastics including Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and Polypropylene (PP), and provided a rating for each product’s cumulative environmental impact including climate change, ozone layer depletion, and ecotoxicity.

The reduction in Global Warming Potential for Biopropylene 101 compared to conventional Polypropylene (PP) is 32%. When you replace 1,000,000 pounds of conventional PP with Biopropylene 101, the environmental impact reduction is 800,000 pounds of CO2 eq., which is equivalent to driving 732,800 miles in an average passenger vehicle, or driving around the world more than twenty-nine times. If 0.1% of the global demand for PP was replaced with Hybrid 101, that’s the same as removing 5,100 cars from America’s roads or planting 1,200,000 trees, which would save millions of pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
Source: Cereplast

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