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Plant Bottle for Sorocaba Refrescos

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The PlantBottle is the first PET bottle made partially of renewable materials.Following the platform of sustainable packaging for Coca-Cola Brazil, Sorocaba Refreshments launched in Sorocaba, on Wednesday, 15  a revolutionary packaging made of PET, in which ethanol from sugar cane replaces some of the oil used as raw material.

Durante the event, held in the auditorium of Sorocaba Refreshments, company executives presented the new packaging, which have originated partially from plants - up 30% plant-based renewable - will reduce the company's dependence in relation to non-renewable resources, and reduce by 20% the emissions of CO ².

No change in chemical properties, color, weight or appearance compared to conventional PET, the PlantBottle is 100% recyclable and now enters the chain of reusing materials, consolidated in the country, since its arrival in the market. The new bottle will begin to be marketed in the region from May, initially in the packaging of Coca-Cola 600 ml. "There was a huge mobilization and investment for the Coca-Cola Brazil got the formula of PlantBottle, and with its release, again confirmed our leading position in packaging innovation. By replacing some of the oil used in the manufacture of PET by ethanol from sugar cane, a feature absolutely renewable and abundant in the country, the Coca-Cola Brazil inaugurates a new era for plastic packaging, "says the CEO of Sorocaba Refreshments, Cristiano Biagi.

Besides the environmental benefits, the use of the new bottle also brings benefits to the economy of Brazil. "The cane sugar is the most efficient source for ethanol production. With this context, Brazil is placed as a future exporter of bio-MEG (component made with cane sugar, used in PlantBottle), thus fostering job creation and leveraging the sugarcane industry in Brazil is a country of first markets to adopt and we PlantBottle as system manufacturers Coca-Cola Brazil seek to encourage other industries to take similar measures. Is also worth mentioning that 100% of PlantBottle packaging from around the world will use Brazilian ethanol, "explains Biagi.Com technology development led by The Coca-Cola Company, PlantBottle is made by an innovative transformation of sugarcane sugar feedstock in a process of manufacturing the PET polymer. Your plastic is produced from the chemical reaction of two components: MEG (monoethylene glycol), responsible for 30% of its weight, and PTA (politereftálico acid), responsible for the remaining 70%.

Supply chain and sustainability
The sugar cane used to produce PlantBottle bottles comes from audited suppliers, using mostly natural irrigation  and mechanical harvesting.

Note: Translated from the original in portuguese.  See the original

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