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European Bioplastics announces 8th European Bioplastics Conference

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“Bioplastics are part of a biobased future in Europe. This year’s „European Bioplastics Conference“ will demonstrate and showcase the industry’s enormous potential”, comments European Bioplastics Chairman Andy Sweetman. „Making bioplastics increasingly tangible for business contacts and the end consumer – that is our challenge now that bioplastics are
stepping out of the niche and mass products can be experienced by everybody”.

The 8th European Bioplastics Conference is the pre-eminent international industry event in
Europe offering a unique information platform for industry trends and innovations in material and application development. With the view on individual needs and interests, participants can expect a diversified conference format with up to date presentations and interactive features, aimed at stimulating the engagement of the participants.

Excellent networking opportunities and a comprehensive product exhibition: The 8th Conference will introduce a new online partnering tool and special meeting areas in order to facilitate networking. The online partnering service will be activated for all registered participants a few months prior to the conference.

In 2012, over 400 experts from around the globe came together at the 7th conference and
impressively showcased the conference’s tremendous effectiveness in networking and information exchange.

For this year‘s event, registration opens in April 2013. The call for papers will be published

European Bioplastics

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