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Braskem invests in robotics for research in the field of biotechnology

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To support its research in metabolic engineering, Braskem has acquired a High Throughput Screening (HTS) system from the U.S. company Hamilton, a world leader in the field of robotics. This robot is Hamilton's most modern in use in South America and the first ever in Brazil to be used for this application.


The robot will be used in projects involving the genetic manipulation of microorganisms known as synthetic biology for the development of new renewable polymers. The HTS system will allow researchers' work to be multiplied by 100 to 1,000 times in the same period of time.


To learn more details about the robot's operations, four Braskem researchers will receive special training in the United States. Hamilton also created a technical support team in Brazil especially to provide support for the HTS system.


"The HTS system is yet another tool that will enable Braskem as well as Brazil to accelerate their development of competencies in biotechnology and position themselves as key players in the bioeconomy. Braskem has achieved results in synthetic biology and advanced biopolymers on par with those of the most renowned companies in these fields," said Avram Slovic, manager of Braskem's Biotechnology Program.

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